London, UK – On 15 March the Saatchi Gallery opened It’s the Surreal Thing, an exhibition of
new works by the artist Sr. X, in the Prints & Originals Gallery.

Whether executed in the streets or in the studio, the works of Sr. X are striking and unforgettable.
Employing retro imagery, pop culture icons, surrealist twists and dada mischief the artist produces
works of satirical brilliance. Sr. X creates works that subvert the constant advertising we are
exposed to and the images of aspirational perfection that are directed at us all.

This new body of work has been created in the past six months. It reveals a staggering breath of
imagination - very rarely is any work like any other. The artist continues to use creativity as a
weapon against conformism and the sugary sweet diet of contemporary consumerism. Familiar
elements remain such as pulp magazine portraits, cartoon figures and advertising slogans. But
more dada and surrealist elements have started to appear. In works such as Entropy the artist is
also producing works of greater contemplative and emotional depth.

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