In this series of paintings I explore the inner part of the individual and its relation with itself and with other people from a intimate point of view, exploring thoughts and feelings that live deep in our mind. I give this thoughts and emotions the form of microcosmos and small worlds, where the scenes represented dwell on between the real and the oniric, they work as a meta universe that blurs boundaries between dreams, actions, thoughts and desires.

I created this series of artworks by mixing different mediums and techniques, like painting, sculpture and model making. By introducing new disciplines to my practise I provide with a whole new reading to my artwork. The scenes I incorporate in my paintings are sculpted and carved with great detail using natural and synthetic materials embedded in resin; the piece goes fitted in in a floating wood framed panel, where I create the painting, a mixed media of acrylics, sprays and a handmade transfer technique. I embellish the finished piece with led lights to further emphasize the oniric nature the artwork.
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